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Laser decreases inflammation 

September, 2006

This study showed that when using over 5 J/cm2 at 810-830nm Lasers reduced the inflammatory process as much or more than NSAIDS.


Bjordal, J., Johnson, M., Iversen, V., Aimbire, F., Lopes-Martins, R. (2006). Photradiation in Acute pain: A systematic Review of Possible Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Effects in Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trials. Photomedicine and laser Surgery, 24, 158-168.

Laser is effective in the treatment of low back pain.

August, 2010

This study showed that after 3 weeks of laser treatment patients had a decrease in pain, and disability. 

Ay s, et al. (2010).  Is low-level laser therapy effective in acute or chronic low back pain?  Clinical rheumatology August 29 2010.

Laser is an effective way to treat arthritis

August, 2006

5 laser treatments were enough to decrease pain and inflammation in patients with arthritis.

Kikarckova H et al (2006).  Arthralgia of the TMJ and LLL therapy.  Photomed laser surgery August, 24, 2006.

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Dr. Clayton has helped his patients  become pain free through chiropractic and laser therapy.  Dr. Clayton always believes there is a natural and safe way to treat most types of pain.


This web site was set up as a way to teach people about laser therapy.  If you want more information about chiropractic please visit our other websites.





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